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Shopping for Health Care Deals–Is This a Thing? (Part 1) — 8 Comments

  1. It can be so overwhelming to figure out health insurance, pricing, and coverage! I try to educate about the differences in medication pricing- another area where there is a lack of transparency. Thank you for covering this important topic in healthcare.

  2. With so many changes in the healthcare arena as of late, it can be daunting but it is imperative persons gain some knowledge to help navigate the medical maze. Great tips! #BLMGirl

  3. It is important to look over the terms and every aspect of the healthcare plans available to you to make the best decision for you and/or your family. Thanks for sharing! #BLMGirl

  4. This is incredibly frustrating to me. I am a huge comparison shopper, but with health needs, I feel so in the dark. Even after calling my insurance company and my doctor’s office to make sure everything was in-network and all I’d need to do was pay a copay, I got a $700 bill because the LAB in the Doctor’s office was out of network! I had done my homework, to no avail. Then I switched insurance (husband’s job), and got a $200 bill from the same Lab company because I didn’t understand that with my new insurance, labs aren’t included in my copay AT ALL, whether or not the lab is in-network. It’s very frustrating, especially when I try to be literate and careful.

    • Natalie, thank you for your comment and for sharing your story. I’m sorry that happened. I and many others can relate to your frustrations. Keep doing your homework and spreading the word.

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