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How to Avoid Surprise Medical Bills: Part 1 — 2 Comments

  1. I would like to know if there is a statement that I can write onto forms that I am required to sign when I receive medical services from providers in DC that indicate I do not authorize the use of providers who are outside of my insurance network that would prevent the possibility of being “balance billed” by an out of network provider whose use I didn’t know about or authorize.

    Second, if not, how can I have proof that I requested this from the hospital, as your article advises?

    No articles seem to address this point, instead advising like yours to request this, but without any indication of how to document the request, and better yet to make the request a requirement for the services you will accept.

    • Hi Jon,
      I actually did not mention this practice in my article. However, I am familiar with this recommendation and I think it is a good idea. If you choose to add a declaration to your consent form that states you do not authorize the use of out-of-network providers, you can simply ask for a copy of the signed form for your records. Unfortunately, I don’t have any feedback to inform me as to whether others have been successful using this tactic, so I certainly cannot guarantee that it works. If you try it, please write back to let us know the outcome.

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