Congratulations! You are a college-bound student (or the parent of one). During your preparation for this significant transition, you have likely focused on dorm essentials, finances, orientation, and move-in day. These are all important aspects of going to college, but most don’t consider a critical fact– you will be managing your health and healthcare independently for the first time in your life.

Are you comfortable communicating with doctors? Do you know when and how to seek emergency medical care? If you get sick in the middle of the night, do you know what to do? If you’re the parent of a college-bound student, do you understand your health insurance benefits and whether the medical services your child receives out-of-state will be covered by your insurance policy?

This eBook will serve as your guide as you begin to navigate your healthcare journey. The easy-to-read chapters are filled with helpful tips as well as common pitfalls to avoid. You can access it from your mobile phone or any electronic device and use it as a resource over and over again. I wrote this book for my own college freshman and to help other college students and their parents become more informed and empowered healthcare consumers. The Healthcare Navigator Summary is a wonderful resource for recording your personal and family medical history to ensure that you can accurately communicate this crucial information to medical professionals.

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