Sending a kid to college is stressful. Doing it during a pandemic is mind-numbing.  

When we were preparing to send our daughter off to school two years ago, we scoured the stores like every other freshman parent looking for extra-long twin sheets, bed risers, string lights, and all of the other cool dorm gadgets. I saw lots of college packing lists but there was one glaring omission– no one was talking about how to keep our kids well.

Maybe it’s the doctor-mom in me, but I remembered how my oldest daughter got sick within a few weeks of starting college and how ill-prepared she was to manage her own symptoms. I vowed not to make that same mistake with daughter #2.

I made her a DIY first aid kit and it was a game-changer! We actually cracked it open during move-in day when her roommate’s sister cut her finger. She’s a junior now and she does not return to school without it. Any time my college student has a sniffle, headache, or an upset stomach, all she has to do is reach under her bed and she has everything she needs!

Now, more than ever, we have to ensure that our kids are prepared to monitor their symptoms and to treat themselves, when appropriate. Save time, money, and worry by making sure they have everything they need throughout the entire school year. I invite you to check out my FREE checklist: 10 Things Your College Student Should Never Leave at Home

Fill Your Kit