Don’t get lost in the complicated healthcare maze. Dr. Rochester provides private patient advocacy services to individuals and families. While her practice is located in Maryland, she competently works with clients remotely throughout the United States. Dr. Rochester’s goal is to help you navigate all aspects of the healthcare journey for you and your loved ones while teaching and empowering you to be your own advocate.


Services Offered


  • Health Insurance Review

    Includes a thorough review of your existing health insurance policy, detailed explanation of your benefits/coverage, and individualized recommendations (*optional: research and review additional insurance options)


  • Interpretation of Medical Documents

    Includes a thorough review of physician notes and other clinical documentation, laboratory, and radiologic studies and interpretation into clear, concise, lay terminology you and your family members can understand


  • Medication Review

    Includes a thorough review of your medications, creation of an easy-to-understand color-coded guide, discussion of potential side effects, and identification of alerts requiring further discussion with your medical doctor.


  • Communication with Medical Team

    Includes facilitation of communication between the client, family caregivers, and the medical team, including but not limited to coordination of family meetings.


  • Assisted Living/Rehabilitation/Nursing Home Facilities Search

    Includes research of area assisted living, rehabilitation and nursing home/long-term care facilities including quality and safety data, development of an easy-to-read spreadsheet summarizing key information.


  • Medical Bill Review

    Includes thorough review of outpatient and/or inpatient (hospital) bills, identification of potential errors, and assistance with filing insurance appeals.


  • Diagnosis and Treatment Research

    Research diagnoses and available treatment options (standard and experimental) and provide recommendations regarding area specialists.


  • Assembling Your Medical Team

    Includes research and recommendations regarding local healthcare providers, including primary care physicians, specialty physicians, home care services, and adult day care facilities.


  • Customized services by request



Please note that professional patient advocacy services are not covered by health insurance. For a complimentary 30-minute consultation call and to learn more about how to work with Dr. Rochester, click here.