When I finally got the nerve to launch my health advocacy practice in 2017, I had a huge problem- I had no entrepreneurial experience and no roadmap. I had a desire to help others navigate the healthcare system the way I had done for my late father and for many of my patients. I knew that if it was difficult for me (a physician) and my sister (a nurse administrator) it must be 1000x more difficult for those without a background in health care.

All of my life I had followed a plan. The next step had always been mapped out. College, MCAT, medical school, residency, board certification…

That’s not how entrepreneurship works. Sure, there are books- I read a bunch of them. There are podcasts- I became obsessed with them. There are even conferences and of course, the tried and true practice of “brain picking”.

Ultimately, I had to take ACTION. I had to try things- some worked, some didn’t. I had to figure things out as I moved forward. I made a lot of mistakes and my mindset was a huge barrier. Then one day, it all began to click!

Now I have a successful health advocacy and consulting business that earns multiple 6 figures and I am transforming lives and our broken healthcare system one client at a time.

Navigating Health Advocacy: Ready, Set, Launch! is a group coaching program for physicians interested in learning how to launch a successful health advocacy practice. I created the blueprint so that you don’t have to struggle the way I did. If you are a physician who wants to explore health advocacy as a side gig or career transition but have no idea where to start, let’s chat!


“Thank you so much for a truly amazing coaching experience. I was very “iffy” about whether I was actually going to start this business, but after the first module and discussion, I knew it was doable, and I haven’t looked back. Thank you for giving me the skills and the confidence to make this happen!’
- Dr. T.

“As a physician, you likely know how to advocate for your patients, but running an advocacy business, finding clients who will pay for your services out of pocket, and developing systems to make you successful is a whole different process. Dr. Nicole authentically shares her experience and best practices and encourages you to take the steps you need to turn your experience into an Independent Health Advocate practice.”

- Dr. K.