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How and When to Get a Second Opinion — 2 Comments

  1. What an amazing article! And so true. Many doctors are overwhelmed and miss things. My mother’s primary care doctor dismissed some signature symptoms of congestive heart failure as something MUCH less serious. I recognized the symptoms too well and kept telling my mom the doctor missed it, but my mom trusted her doctor. She even called to ask her doctor afterward and her doctor said she absolutely did not have it. In the meantime, my mom’s lungs were filling up with fluid. It wasn’t until she landed in the emergency room that it was confirmed. The hospitalist was baffled at how the PCP missed something so obvious.

    • Wow, Celeste! That is very scary. I am glad your mom got the correct diagnosis in time. Kudos to you for advocating for her health. Patients and family members HAVE to speak up when something doesn’t feel right.

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