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Will Your Emergency Room Visit be Denied? — 6 Comments

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  1. Article was helpful as I too am in this rotten dilemma following a **Xmas Eve ER visit** where I presented with severe abdominal \ lower back pain, high fever, vomiting, lethargy, relentless horrible cough that had persisted since early Dec. I had missed a week of work. I had been to 2 Urgent Care and 1 Primary Care visits since Dec 4 including a round of antibiotics and several prescription cough suppressants. Diagnosis could have been anything from bronchitis, flu, kidney infection to lung cancer. ER Doc performed XRay & Urology panel which to me indicates he heard my communicated symptoms.

    I was awake from 3am on Xmas Eve Googling symptoms, ER nightmares, etc. After 3 hours of careful consideration, I decided I could have something serious and potentially life-threatening thus requiring urgent medical care.

    The sad thing about our broken healthcare system was here I was at 3am in agony & a significant part of my ER / Not ER deliberation was being surprised with some monstrous bill and expecting my insurance company to deny, deny, deny.

    Final diagnosis was Bronchitis of Bacterial nature. Insurance denied solely off of Bronchitis code did not equal codes they classify as medical emergency.

    • Hi Eric,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your situation.I hope you will consider appealing the insurance denial. If insurance companies are to institute these policies for ER visits, they really need to apply a “prudent layperson” rule, meaning, would a prudent layperson seek care in the ER for this condition. I’m glad it was nothing too serious and I wish you the best with your healthcare journey moving forward.

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