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5 Things You Absolutely MUST Understand About Your Health Insurance — 9 Comments

  1. Very informative. Although my wife is a health care professional, I didn’t fullly understand everything. Great article.

  2. I am finally at the age where I am ready to get my own health insurance plan, so thanks for sharing this helpful guide. I had no idea that health insurance benefits were taken directly from your paycheck by your employers each month. This makes a lot of sense if your job is providing health benefits, so I might need to look into this more for my job. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You’ve got some helpful information here about health insurance. I’ve always wondered what a copayment is, but now that I know it’s significantly cheaper than the actual price, I wouldn’t mind paying it. Still, why is it necessary?

  4. My fiance and I were looking for tips to get the best possible healthcare for ourselves. We are really interested in learning more about the changing state of this type of insurance and understanding the five core terms. This will help us a lot to get the best deals and plans.

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