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Doctor-Turned-Patient: My Experience with Chronic Pain — 4 Comments

  1. Please pray for me! I have severe cervical stenosis with cord compression, terrible pain in both arms, hands and the worst burning I have ever felt in my life. also to my shoulder, I also have t2 t3 abutting the cord, moving my left arm sends these two areas in a terrible turmoil of pain, 24 hour a day cervicogenic migraines, lower back with chronic sacral joint dysfunction, and as falling in the shower last year and tearing ligament muscle in hip.. I have now been in a wheelchair, and hospital bed it will not heal.. if I try and stand or walk to long.. it throws the 6 bulging discs in my lower back and sacro out and tail bone with butt pain.. I am 66 year old female and have been under visiting nurse. have never failed a drug test, nor urine, always have my exact amount on table for whenever she comes monthly ( different dates) but she has now deemed fit to start cutting me off, because I can not go renew MRI.. mine are 3 years old from a neurosurgeon.I can not help I can not walk, please pray for me as I will you.

    • Oh my goodness, I am so very sorry. I will definitely pray for you and I hope you are able to get some relief from this terrible pain.

  2. Your last words just summed up our lives. We take our health for granted and don’t take care of it the way we should be. Thank you for posting your story with us.

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