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Why I Created Your GPS Doc — 4 Comments

  1. I work with teenage parents, many times they accompany their infants to the doctor with little understanding of their child’s medical needs. I often find it necessary to go with the teen because I am disappointed with the outcome of the visit. The teen don’t understand the medical language, or instructions given by the doctor in order to help their child get well. I will certainly refer to this site to help navigate the medical jargon with the young parents. Much needed..thanks for your passion and for thinking out of the box.

    • Thank you for your comment. “Teach back” is a technique that we physicians should use to ensure parents and caregivers understand what we have said. This is a great topic for a future blog post.

  2. My parents are in their mid-eighties, and in pretty good health. However, because I am a planner, I want to be prepared for the unexpected. I would like to gain more advice regarding a medical power of attorney.

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